I began thrifting at a very young age and was taught by my mother how to find quality clothing with classic styling out of necessity. As I grew so did the thrill of the hunt and my love for quality timeless vintage pieces. My diverse collection has been fostered by the catch all clothing racks at tiny thrift shops in small towns, estate sales, flea market booths and garage sales. I also source a lot of my vintage from personal collections that have been meticulously cared for. 

Why vintage?

Its Adventure, History, Scandal, Mystery, Attitude, Style, Sentiment, Revolution, Celebration, Freedom and environmental. I could go on and on.

Above all Vintage is Ethical, when you purchase from a vintage dealer you are making their dreams come true and diverting your dollars away from huge companies that only care about profits, exploit the labor of marginalized people globally and impact the environment negatively.

Thank you for choosing to by pre-loved. Every little bit helps and even just 2 purchases a year will make a difference.

I spend a lot of time searching, laundering, repairing and photographing each vintage piece I offer, to ensure the value of your dollar is well spent and you will be able to enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Thanks for visiting! I care deeply about each vintage piece I curate and about the folks they end up with. I hope when you shop my collection, you find something that you love.